The 5 Major Things You Should Do Before Submitting Your Phone At The Repair Store

These days, mobile phones have become go-to-device where you perform every activity that was previously done on the desktop. Not just activities, you have started using your phones as a storage device where you keep your documents safely. But, you need to understand that everything has a limit.

Just like other electronic devices, mobile phones stop performing tasks when they are overburdened with your instruction and data storage. The mobile phones of all brands start responding exactly opposite to what you want. And, when it happens, it signifies your phone needs a certain change in its interior or exterior configuration which can only be identified by a trained and experienced phone repairer.

But, before you hand over your phone to the repairer at the phone repair store, you should do the following 5 major things.

  1. Remove your SIM card

Even you forget removing the SIM card from the phone, the mobile phone repairer at the store will remind you about the same. But, you should wait for his instruction and should remove it beforehand. It is important so that your SIM does not go in the wrong hands and you can avoid any misuse. Meanwhile, you can use the SIM in another so that you do not miss any important call.

  1. Create a data backup

The data is one of the most important things in your phone and should protect it from getting lost during the repair process. You should create a backup of all such important data and store it in an external device. After the phone repair is complete, you can sync all your data using Google accounts. But, after you create the backup, do not forget to delete it from your phone. These are confidential and should not reach any random person.

  1. Disable your security lock 

The repairer should have easy access to your phone uninterrupted and complete inspection. And, if there is a security lock in your phone or any of your app, it will difficult for the experts to check the status of your phone during and after the repair reprocess. So, before you submit the device at the phone repair store, you should disable the security lock.

  1. Remove all external storage

Most of the smartphone supports a micro-sd card slot for more data storage facility. If you have a card installed in the slot, you should remove it and keep it safe with you along with the SIM card. It’s important to remove external storage because most of your media files would be stored in this. Not only media files, but some sensitive data might also be stored in your micro-sd card. If gets lost, you will lose all your data.

  1. Take note of IMEI number

The phone repair store gets many mobile phones for repair and due to that, there is a huge chance that your phone might get replaced. So, to avoid any such issues, you should take note of the IMEI number. It’s unique –digit serial number that every phone has. In case you are unable to locate the number on your phone, you can take help from the experts at the phone repair store. Keeping the note of the IMEI number will speed the process of getting the phone back after the repair.

If you follow these steps, we ensure you will not face any problem during and after your mobile repair.

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