With the rapid takeover from the latest Apple and Samsung devices, it is hard to find repair services that are just as efficient with Motorola phones. Time may be changing, but our experts are always fresh and up to date. We provide quality and affordable Motorola phone repair services with a passion to serve the best results to our clients in Texas. Our Motorola phone repair services include repairing cracked screens, back glass, display issues, audio issues, power/charging/battery issues, button replacement, camera replacement, Wi-Fi troubleshooting, Software issues and more.

MB Phone Repair & Beyond LLC is your ideal Motorola phone repair shop. You might think with so many mobile repair shops available online and offline, it would be very easy to get your mobile phone or other personal devices fixed. But contrary to this, it is now even harder to find a reliable repairing service. Because our mobile devices have become very personal and hold a great amount of personal information. Whereas, we put the confidentiality of your data as our top concern.