3 Points to Consider Before Going to a Cell Phone Repair Store

Accidents happen. Cracking your phone’s screen or breaking your phone’s charging port is the last thing any of us wants to worry about. However, if your mobile phone is damaged by any misfortune, then at those moments the cell phone repair store is the best solution

Some of the cell phone repair stores not only repair mobile devices but also repair tablets. Whether it is a cracked screen, hardware issues, or the need for replacement parts, all issues are resolved professionally. Skilled technicians in the repair shop can even provide the same-day service to their customers.

However, before you go to a cell phone repair shop, there are some of the factors you should consider.

  1. Cost of repair

Honestly, it depends on lots of different factors such as:

  • What Type of Phone You Have

A bit older models tend to be inexpensive to fix when compared to newer ones. You will also see different repair costs for Apple, Android and Windows phones.

  • What Needs To Be Fixed

A general mobile phone repair, like screen replacement, can cost around $100-$200, and battery replacement and a charging port repair can cost around $50-$70. However, these prices can rise if your cell phone has other or more issues.

  1. Cracked screen repair

Crack screen repair is the most common cell phone repair. Many people are confused about whether to go with a manufacturer or third-party repair store.

If your phone is under warranty, you can go with the manufacturer route. However, it has a downside, as most phone makers will have you package your mobile phone and mail it off to a service centre. This process can take several weeks.

But this isn’t the case with a mobile repair store as your phone screen can be fixed within a few hours.

  1. Water damaged repair

As with almost any mobile phone repair, the cost of fixing water damage in your device varies. Here, though, is where the extent of the damage has the most impact.

  • The extent of the damage

Some repair shops can give you a free diagnostic check. After they take a look at your device, they will let you know what you can expect to pay for the actual repair.

  • Not all water-damage symptoms are seen instantly

Unfortunately, even after you have taken back your phone from the repair shop, the effects of water damage you thought you rid yourself of may pop up again in the days or weeks following the initial repair.

Normal water damage repair can cost you around $50, while complicated fixes can cost more than $100.

There is a common misconception that taking your device to cell phone repair shop to get it fixed will negate the device’s manufacturer warranty. Well, that isn’t true. However, the damage itself may void the manufacturer’s warranty. As a consumer, you should know the fine print of any warranties or protection plans you decide to get with your mobile phone.

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